We will rock your feedback forms

Hello everyone!

For the last several months we had a chance to talk to hundreds of developers and entrepreneurs from various countries. We took part in lots of start-up events in Russia and Europe and were happy to become finalists of some. It was really an amazing experience and we received a huge amount of feedback from you. Thank you so much!

Having gathered and analyzed all this data we discovered the following. We understood that all the developers are very different – they make different products and they need absolutely different instruments to solve their problems. But our tool was a solution for a very small number of mobile applications and even smaller number of mobile developers. So we decided to think of a product that would make more customers – happy customers and more developers – successful entrepreneurs.

Briefly speaking, we considered the tools you use for gathering customers feedback and outlined the most popular ones. And we found ways of making them work better. Some solutions are already there for you. Some of them are in the process of development or just planned.

For now we decided not to make any SDKs (by the way, we are waiting for your pull requests at Gihub). We’d like to sort the successful scenarios  for Inventarium and find out the ways to make it work even better.

So we are waiting for your feedback on this REST API:

POST http://api.inventarium.mobi/v1/feedback

And don’t forget to set header Content-Type to application/json or application/xml.

The format of inbound message is:

    email: "customer email, if exist",
    name: "customer name, if exist",
    text: "main feedback text, if exist",
    subject: "subject of feedback, if exist",
    data: [{
        name: "OS",
        display_name: "OS Version",
        value: "iOS 7.0.1",
        group: "Environment"
    }, ... ]

There could be as much as you like elements of data collection with any information you want. But, before sending, please don’t forget to create a new form:

BTW, if you uncheck “Show in Inbox”, all your inbound messages for this form will pas by Inbox.  So only the analytics page will be available for this form. It is ideal for collecting events or conducting surveys.

So now let’s turn to the case itself.

Have you seen such screen before?


To add feedback from this form you should send the following json-object:

    api_key: "c40ef00e3f3b42e19ebbbb8fa9027b8b",
    email: "email field",
    name: null,
    text: "feedback field text",
    subject: "subject field text",
    date: [{
        name: "type",
        display_name: "Feedback Type",
        value: "problem ",
        group: "Ticket"
    }, {
        name: "os",
        display_name: "OS Type",
        value: "iOS 6.1",
        group: "Environment"
    }, {
        name: "version",
        display_name: "App Version",
        value: "1.15 ",
        group: "Environment "
    } ]

Let’s go to the Inbox page to see the following message:

It’s simple and clear. Now lets go to the form page:

But this is not the only way you could use Inventarium. A bit later we will describe and show more interesting cases, so you could choose something for yourself.

You could just collect feedback or you could ask your customers questions, conduct surveys, analyze their behavior and catch the problems in your applications before it would harm your business.

For now the platform is very basic. Even tough it could be enough to catch your customer’s negative comments or understand that your customers demand some changes. That is why we invite you to be our first customers who would help us develop Inventarium in the right direction. For that we will build you the best Customer Service ever!

So, sign on please, integrate Inventarium into your apps and send us your feedback!

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